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Multiphase-kinetics CFD model of biomass pyrolysis 

This work combines multiphase granular flow and pyrolysis kinetics of biomass, including interphase heat and mass transfer, in a fluidized bed reactor. The contour plot figures and animation below show the secondary phase volume fraction from the initial time to the time reactor is fully fluidized and biomass (reactant) consumption and product formation mass fraction.

Volume fraction contour of sand in fluidized bed reactor

Reactant consumption mass fraction contour plot in fluidized bed reactor

Product formation mass fraction contour plot in fluidized bed reactor

Real-time animation of sand volume fraction (right) and pyrolysis reaction products mass fraction in a fluidized reactor

Gas combustion modeling in monolith reactor

In this work, monolithic reactors filled with square monoliths are modeled to understand the pressure drop and surface catalytic combustion. Here we share the pressure drop inside the monolith reactor. The vertical and horizontal plane pressure drop contour plot shows the total pressure dropped from 10.5KPa at the inlet of the reactor to 5KPa at the reactor outlet in a 50cm long reactor. 

Chemical Looping Combustion

The real-time animation of dual fluidized bed reactors in chemical looping combustion shown below highlights how the metal oxide recirculates, providing oxygen for combustion in the fuel reactors. The reduced metal is then transferred to the air reactor and re-oxidized before being reinjected back into the fuel reactor.

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