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We support industries in

  • Knowledge-Based Engineering, design optimization, as well as processes and products characterization in a shorter time 

  • Model-based and data-driven decision-making support from CFD model and simulation virtual experimental results

  • Reducing the time from concept to real product development or scaling up or modifying the existing design. 

At Simodelex, we implement models that mimic the actual process, 

  • Single-phase flow chemical or biochemical reaction kinetics

  • Multiphase flow chemical or biochemical reaction kinetics and mass transfer

  • Discrete particles transport (solids, bubbles, droplets) model

  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquid flow

  • Compressible and incompressible gas flow

  • Do virtual experiments in a real-time

  • Collect large amounts of real-time data, and

  • Present detailed results, including the design efficiency and products characterization 

Simodelex overcomes the challenges in the chemical and biochemical processes models simplified to hydrodynamics modeling only, ignoring single-phase or multiphase (bio)chemical reactions, mass transfer, and other processes. 

Simodelex CFD Consultant was established to serve industries solving complex and challenging engineering design problems using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation.  

Our Team

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