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Food and Pharma

In the food and pharmaceutical sector, we can provide the following services.

  • Fermentation reactors modeling and optimization implementing biochemical reaction kinetics

  • Reactors mixing: mechanical mixing and gas/liquid mixing

  • Mixing time modeling and residence time distribution analysis

  • Cooling, drying and evaporation reactors modeling

  • Granular, bubbles, droplets, aerosols  and spay transport modeling

  • Precipitation and crystallization

  • Heat and mass transfer

Case Study

The Problem

Our Solutions

Understating the fluid properties, mixing process, chemical reaction, design configuration and specific requirements of the project, we can select the appropriate CFD model methods and solve the problem.

  • The complexity of fluids (Newtonian and non-Newtonian) flow in the food and pharmaceutical industries  needs special treatment in model implementation

  • Mixing problems: undermixing results in incomplete mixing (dead zone), while overmixing affects microbial structures and higher energy consumption. Both undermixing and overmixing affect the reactor's performance.

  • Mixing-induced hydrodynamics affects the reactor hydraulic residence time and residence time distribution, resulting in dead zones due to circulation and short circuit flow.

  • The hydrodynamics of the process affects the heat transfer, hence the uniformity of heating and cooling of solid particles and fluids.

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