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Water and Wastewater

The following services are offered.

  • Wastewater treatment processes optimization implementing biochemical reaction into the CFD model, aeration/aerobic and anaerobic sludge digestion modeling   

  • Reactors mixing modeling and optimization: mechanical mixing and gas/liquid recirculation mixing

  • Sedimentation tank modeling 

  • Drinking water treatment model

  • Computing hydraulic residence time (HRT), Residence Time Distribution (RTD) and mixing time analysis   

Case Study

The Problem

Our Solutions

Based on the configuration of the biochemical reactor reaction, fluid and solids properties, hydraulic residence time, mixing process, etc., we can select a suitable CFD model (single phase, multiphase or discrete phase flow) approaches to solve the problem. Capturing CFD model results, analysis, interpretation, and explanation of model results and presenting the analyzed results to the clients and help them to make an informed decision.

  • Wastewater fluid properties, nature of the fluids, flow, particle size distribution, particle settliability and slow chemical reaction needs to be defined accurately before model implementation

  • Mixing problems: undermixing results in incomplete mixing, while overmixing affects microbial structures and higher energy consumption. Both undermixing and overmixing reduce performance.

  • Mixing-induced hydrodynamics affects the reactor hydraulic residence time and residence time distribution, resulting in dead zones and short circuit flow.

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