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Under the bioenergy sector, the following  services are provided 

  • Thermochemical and biochemical reactors modeling, optimization and characterization

  • Reactor-scale gasification, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion reaction kinetics modeling - heterogeneous multiphase reaction with mass transfer

  • Combustion with/without catalysis at reactor scale - homogeneous or heterogeneous combustion

  • Reactors yield computation and products characterization 

Case Study

The Problem

Our Solutions

By learning the configuration of the reactor under study, including reaction kinetics, fluid and solids properties, heat transfer, etc., we can propose suitable CFD model approaches to solve them. Capturing CFD model results, analysis, interpretation, and explanation of model results and presenting the analyzed results to the clients and help the clients to make an informed decision.

  • Converting solid wastes like solid biomass, sludge and animal manure to biofuel or syngas requires a clear understanding of reactor design, the (bio)chemical reaction process, reactor efficiency and residence time. This complex process is challenging and expensive to measure experimentally. CFD modeling and simulation help to understand the reactor conversion efficiency, the product's characterization, and the reactor geometry and operating condition in a virtual environment. Hence the model clears all the doubts and answers the questions before fabricating the real reactor.

  • Fluidized beds, fixed beds and other reactors need an understanding of fluidization velocity, pressure drop, impact of catalyst on the reaction, conversion efficiency, rate limiting reaction, and reaction products characterization in 2D or 3D for optimal operation.

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