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Simodelex CFD consultant provides model-based and data-driven design optimization using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 

At Simodelex, we deliver advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation services to industries mimicking the actual process disrupting the CFD consulting service markets where the CFD models are limited to hydrodynamics analysis.




Develop a 3D or a 2D model with hydrodynamics, chemical reaction, reaction species transport, heat and mass transfer, etc., representing the actual design in a virtual environment


Virtual real-time experiments and analysis to test the efficiency, characterization, and optimization of the design


Real-time flow, heat transfer, and reaction animation will be provided in 2D or 3D to visualize the design


Work closely with the clients to address their needs and  concerns


DISRUPTING the CFD consulting services where biochemical and chemical process models are simplified to only hydrodynamics modeling and lack representation of the actual processes happening in the design

Analytics & Insights


We can collect real-time data, mimicking measurements of actual experiments in the lab/field.


Virtual experiments allow measuring any variables of interest without technological or operating condition hinderance, unlike real experiments. 


We scientifically analyze and explain the data, identify potential design strengths and limitations, and then propose approaches to optimize the design.

Research & development 


Are you working on a new and unproven design concept, scaling up or scaling down your process where sufficient data is lacking? You are at the right place. Start with us. We have very good experience working on such projects.  


Design analysis and characterization, geometric and operating conditions optimization and performance test could be done before real product fabrication. 


A large amount of data in real-time that mimics actual experiments will be produced to support informed decision-making.

Discrete particles and droplets transport modeling

Single phase, multiphase 

hydrodynamics  and volume fraction visualization

Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid hydraulic retention time, residence time distribution, and mixing time analysis


(Bio)chemical reaction product characterization in the axial, radial direction and outlet of the reactor

(Bio)chemical reaction, gas/solid combustion visualization in single or multiphase flow

Virtual reactor conversion efficiency computation and verification of the model with literature data

Simodelex  services 

Reactors pressure drop computation 

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